London Bucket List

Bucket list of things I need to do in London:

1.) Go to a live Muse concert
2.) Go to Wimbledon
3.) Visit Buckingham Palace
4.) 221B Baker Street
5.)  Portobello Market
6.) See ALL the West End shows
7.) Abbey Road
8.) Get lost on the Tube and see where it takes me
9.) Freud Museum
10.) Big Ben
11.) Camden Town, including the underworld club, the book club, and the market
12.) Go to Brighton and go to the pier/beach on a sunny day
13.) Trocadero Arcade
14.) The British Museum
15.) Chinatown (duh)
16.) St. James’ Park
17.) Have a cupcake at Hummingbirds
18.) A show at the Globe

Keep the suggestions coming guys! Anyone have any other suggestions?

(Thanks to Laura, Ashley, Mickey, and Fatty for their contributions!)