Meliora (to me) and a few thoughts about my Alma Mater

“Meliora” is the name of my network when I turn on tethering on my cellphone. Kind of ironic considering its meaning (“Ever better”, for those of you who don’t know) and my phone’s ability to provide increasingly spotty data coverage…I digress. Think what you want of this, but this coupled with my graduation ring basically being glued to my finger and my memories are reminders of five wonderful years. This entry is a feeble attempt to describe what these five years have done for me.

Up until this point, my life has always followed a strange path. Leaving Singapore at the age of 9 to move to America, I had the privilege of gaining a small (300 students Kindergarten-12th grade) liberal arts, private school education from 4th to 12th grade. I then served in the Singapore Armed Forces as a medic for 2 years before I arrived at the University of Rochester.

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