The Endless Ambient Music in Food Service

I only started working in the the food service industry this past year, but I have frequented cafes and the like for a very long time. One thing I have noticed is that the music rarely changes, if ever. Another thing I notice is that it is almost invariably annoying, too loud, or highly repetitive.

Let’s start with my first point. For those of you who don’t know me well, I basically lived in Starbucks at my university. I lived off campus and as a central, high traffic location, I used to hang out there and it had the right amount of white noise, so I studied there as well. I eventually picked up a job there as well, but there’s one thing that always ruined it for me: the music. Granted, the playlist was fairly long (about 3-4 hours apiece, I believe), but considering the amount of time I spent there on a daily basis, this is not a large amount of music. The reggae part of the playlist was alright; I once heard “Stand by me” five times in a day. However, as far as I could tell, the playlist only ever changed once every few months are so (Christmas music started playing in early November, but that’s a whole other story…I’m of the “no Christmas until after Thanksgiving” camp).

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