A few thoughts on Emergency Medicine

I served as a medic in the Singapore Armed Forces for 2 years; I served as a New York State Emergency Medical Technician for 3ish years while serving at my college’s emergency medicine squad. I just wanted to write about a few weird things we do in EMS and just a few things about EMS in general.

Sacred things that do not remain so while on call

Eating, sleeping, showering, pooping. These are all things that many people deem too precious to beĀ interrupted – I like to think of it as “me time”. Something that should be done in one sitting or session. Right? When you work emergency medicine, those things suddenly lose their “me time” holiness and their time is stolen away by your patients.

Generally, this is how we feel when this “me time” gets cut into:

Don’t get me wrong – many of us do what we do to be able to help our patients and this is just one of the side effects. Any momentary annoyance is (hopefully) never directed at them, but what these little interruptions do is instill a sense of fear in us every time we sit down to do these activities while on call.

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