On saying farewell and missing people

Is it harder being the leaver or the one being left?

The human heart is a strong and resilient organ. In our life, it never rests until our dying day. We can push it up to 250% of its resting rate, and it often does it without skipping a beat (pun very intended). Even if it does stop, a very strong jolt of electricity or a hand squeezing and massaging it can start it right back up and keep you going for many more years. Yet, sometimes strong emotions feel like they are enough to stop our hearts right in our chests, shatter it to pieces, or ache so badly we wish that we never had one or that we could just tear it right out of our chest. I can think of no event that elicits such a strong response as saying goodbye to someone.

Of course, there are many different kinds of goodbye. All of them elicit these same feelings in varying degrees. There is the pain of the permanent(?) farewell, where people pass away; there are the feelings that occur when you break up with a significant other or are forcefully separated from people you love because of estrangement, divorce, etc.; there is also the type of farewell where you know that it’s “bye for now, see you later”, though you may or may not know when “later” is.

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The three types of people you will meet in your life

Not too long ago, a very wise person told me one of the greatest things I’ve heard in my life. While standing in front of the London Eye (pictured above), talking about transitioning between countries, friendships, relationships, family, and just about everything else under the sun. She said to me: Guang Yi, what you have to learn is this – there are three types of people you will meet in your life. There are:

  1. People you meet for a reason
  2. People you meet for a season
  3. People you meet and will know forever

If you stop and think about it, this is absolutely true. Family, though you technically don’t “meet” them per se, fits neatly into category 3.

A relationship with a man/woman that doesn’t work out? You met them for a reason – they were what you thought was best for you at the time and you learn and grow as a person while with them. Thus, category 1. You could also make a case that failed relationships also fit into category 2.

That little girl that ran up to you and gave you a dandelion? She was there just to make you smile.

I just thought that this was too awesome not to share with everyone!


Apologies for not having written for a long time! Settling into London, getting back into the swing of school, and grad school apps (again) does not leave a whole lot of time for blogging.

For now, here’s a quick list of what I’ve done already:

1.) Gone to the National Gallery
2.) Several concerts at the London Symphony Orchestra
3.) Les Miserables
4.) Don Giovanni by the English National Opera (it was in English, so it was a little weird)
5.) Evensong at St. Paul’s Cathedral
6.) Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace (all of their exteriors)
7.) Fallen asleep in class
7.) Many, many pubs (with really good bands playing in some of them)
8.) Not gotten lost on the tube since the first week
9.) Met lots of awesome people (and even a bunch of people from Rochester!)
10.) Found some decent food places.

I’ll update again in the near future – I promise!

London Bucket List

Bucket list of things I need to do in London:

1.) Go to a live Muse concert
2.) Go to Wimbledon
3.) Visit Buckingham Palace
4.) 221B Baker Street
5.)  Portobello Market
6.) See ALL the West End shows
7.) Abbey Road
8.) Get lost on the Tube and see where it takes me
9.) Freud Museum
10.) Big Ben
11.) Camden Town, including the underworld club, the book club, and the market
12.) Go to Brighton and go to the pier/beach on a sunny day
13.) Trocadero Arcade
14.) The British Museum
15.) Chinatown (duh)
16.) St. James’ Park
17.) Have a cupcake at Hummingbirds
18.) A show at the Globe

Keep the suggestions coming guys! Anyone have any other suggestions?

(Thanks to Laura, Ashley, Mickey, and Fatty for their contributions!)