P.S. – Your Secret Admirer

You always have a secret admirer. Sometimes, this secret lives in the mind of the admirer and is never expressed to anyone at all. Ever. Other times, it is the worst-kept secret in the history of secrets (apparently, like the intern we had last summer totally had a thing for me and I was oblivious). Either way, odds are that someone in your life, whether you are friends or whether it is just someone that you see on your daily commute, admires you.

This person might not necessarily admire you in the romantic sense, though more often than not, this is the type of admiration that people have. Your secret admirer might strive to be a better person because of you, or might admire you because you brighten their day in a certain way. You might admire someone because of their dedication to their work, or the energy they bring to the environment around them all the time. You may not-so-secretly admire your father for the life he has made for himself and his family, and strive to be just like him. It may even be as simple as admiring someone’s fashion sense and how well put-together they always are.

Just as an example: when I used to be a Starbucks barista, there were customers that I would admire for various reasons; the first regular that sprang to mind now is this young woman who would come in at 7:05 every morning (tall Americano, non-fat milk) and simply sit and stare out the window, watching the world with a small smile until 7:55.

Another person I admire (not so secretly now, I guess) is someone from my orchestra’s committee, who was able to coordinate and plan all the big and small details for a concert, and always be an unwavering pillar of support for the rest of us – members and leaders included.

I admire some famous people, both living and dead, for their ideals and their achievements.

No matter how much you are feeling down and out of sorts, know this: someone out there admires some facet(s) of you, and admires you for who you are and what you have done, are doing, and will do. Your secret admirer might be someone you completely do not expect, but that person totally exists! Someone will always believe in you, and have your back, so you never have to feel alone 🙂

Postcard from Six Billion Secrets

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