What phone numbers do you still remember, and why?

1.) +6562422812 (Disconnected)
My old home number in Singapore…considering I was never home for the 3-4 years we had this number, I’m surprised I still remember it.

2.) +65XXXXXX38, +65XXXXXX08
My parents’ cell phone numbers, still in use. Of course I’ll remember these in case of emergencies. No, I don’t remember my sister’s Hong Kong or Singapore phone number 😦

3.) +1 (516) 889-8633
Phone number for my apartment in Long Beach, NY, when I lived there from 1997-2002. It’s just one of those weird things that still sticks in your memory, I guess.

4.) +65XXXXX113, +65XXXXX919
My aunt’s home phone number and cell phone number, which has always been the same as long as I remember.

5.) +65XXXXX459
House phone number of my oldest friend, Zi Heng – I’ve known his phone number since first grade/primary one. It’s more muscle memory now more than anything.

6.) +1 (516) XXX-XX01
My first girlfriend’s phone number. The screen on my cell phone had stopped working, and she was pretty much the only person I called on a regular basis, even before we were dating, so yeah…it’s still stuck

7.) Every cell phone number I’ve had

8.) +1 (516) XXX-XX48, +1 (516) XXX-XX91
Phone number for the home of high school bffle, Jesse. I haven’t called this phone number in years, but I still remember it.

9.) +656235353535
Pizza Hut‘s number in Singapore. Yeah…don’t judge too much, please >_<

I don’t remember my best friend’s phone number, even though I really should considering she has all my emergency details and everything. I don’t know any numbers for people in Britain – not my flatmate’s nor my closest friend’s.

We rely on our technology to remember things for us. Fortunately, before Gmail Contacts and Apple’s iCloud came along, I never had the misfortune of having to create one of those “Lost my numbers, repost here please” events. That being said,Β in my paranoia, I keep a card in my wallet of emergency phone numbers. I suggest you do the same should you break/lose/run out of power on your phone and need to reach someone.

What phone numbers, other than your immediate family’s, do you remember, and why? Tell me something interesting! πŸ™‚

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One thought on “What phone numbers do you still remember, and why?

  1. I will certainly not judge as I remember the numbers of 7 people, my home and work number but 3 different numbers of places that I can get food from! πŸ˜€

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