10 irregular Starbucks drinks you should try (US Edition)

Getting bored of your usual at Starbucks but unsure what else to try? Look no further for your (non-seasonal) drink suggestions!

I know how obsessed everyone is with lists nowadays, and I promise that I’m not going to become one of those writers that consistently churns out lists upon lists. However, I feel that they’re nice once in a while. Anyway, considering how popular my last Starbucks article turned out, I’m writing this one for those of you that have figured out what you want on a regular basis, but want to branch out and try something new and/or unusual.

Disclaimer: Some syrups are not available in some countries or some stores. These are my own personal tastes that I enjoy, and your preferences may vary from mine.

Now, onward!

Espresso-based and Coffee-based Drinks

1.) French vanilla latte

Half vanilla, half hazelnut latte with your usual espresso and milk. Mmmmm.

2.) Raspberry hot chocolate or raspberry mocha*

Raspberry and chocolate in a single drink is one of the nicest things I can think of. In drink form, I love this. Pair it with a raspberry scone or a chocolate cookie if you want.

3.) Cinnamon cappuccino

My boss, Benita, would get a double tall non-fat cappuccino every morning with cinnamon on the bottom. Order your cappuccino as you normally would, but tell your barista to throw some cinnamon on the bottom before he/she pulls the espresso. That way, you have a slightly spicy flavor with your foam, and you can add some more on top if you want.

4.) Red-eye/black-eye coffee**

A red-eye is brewed coffee with an extra shot of espresso thrown in. Great way to jump-start your morning or get over your afternoon post-lunch coma. Black-eye is two shots…handle with care!

Chai tea modifications

5.) Dirty chai tea latte**

A perennial favorite of my friend, Aquaman, this simply means that you order a chai (however you like it), but you add an extra shot of espresso in there. If you’re feeling especially dirty, add in another 😉

6.) No-water chai tea latte with vanilla bean 

Now, this is one I haven’t tried, but another friend/fellow barista, Christina, mentioned that some people order regular chai tea lattes, but they request that some vanilla bean powder is mixed into the milk before steaming. She says it’s good and I have no reason not to believe her.

7.)Apple chai infusion

Instead of a chai tea latte with steamed milk and hot water, this drink uses the chai tea syrup base with steamed apple juice instead. I know it sounds weird, but people do like it and order it. Try it sometime!

From the cold bar: Frappuccino and tea modifications

8.) Half-sweetened raspberry, half green tea half passion tea lemonade

Yes, I know that seems confusing in theory, so try not to order this for the first time when it’s busy at your Starbucks. My friend and coworker, Colleen, used to get these (or something close to this) all the time, and they’re pretty tasty. Just remember that if they ask you if you still want the regular sweetener, you say no because raspberry syrup is already quite sweet and adding the classic syrup on top of the raspberry and the lemonade may just cause issues. Feel free to try it without the lemonade as well.

9.) Raspberry cheesecake Frappuccino*

Regular mocha fraps are so passé. Indulge in a white mocha frap with raspberry, extra whipped cream, and if you’re feeling especially indulgent, chocolate sauce on the top. It’s dessert…and probably your entire caloric intake for the day, BUT IT’S SO GOOD!

Hot Chocolate Addition

10.) Hazelnut hot chocolate*

This one’s easy. It basically tastes like a hot chocolate you made with nutella. Who would say no to nutella anything?? (Unless, of course, you’re allergic to hazelnuts, in which case, I’m really sorry for you)

These are just a few ideas I have about what I have tried and what I have seen some people order. Of course, there are hundreds, if not thousands more combinations of drinks to try. Be adventurous and try something new! If you have any good recipes to share, please share it and I may add them to the list. Shout-out to Christina for helping me with some of these!

Have a good weekend, everyone!

*This drink will cost you the extra 45 cents or so in addition to the cost of the actual drink unless your barista is feeling super nice and/or “forgetful” that day. All the other drinks without asterisks next to them should not get you charged extra because you’re simply modifying the recipe and not adding to it.

** There is a charge for an extra shot of espresso of around 55 cents, I believe.

Photo courtesy of Bestappsite.com

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