The excitement associated with receiving personal correspondence

Apologies for the long absence – real life happened and I didn’t have time to sit down and write until now. At any rate, I’m back!

Remember when people used to write letters? I do. It was particularly special because I was in 4th grade and I left Singapore to move to Long Island. Email services like Juno (which I used), AOL, and Hotmail were just beginning to grow and people still wrote each other letters. My friends and I wrote letters to each other for a while and thought it was perfectly normal.

Flash forward about about 6 or 7 years. I now had a Yahoo! account and eventually got invited into the Gmail beta test. Email was slowly becoming the standard, but the wonder and surprise of receiving letters and cards didn’t really set in until sophomore and junior year of college, when friends started going abroad and Facebook had really sprung into bloom.

I remember feeling really excited when my friends began sending me postcards and letters from abroad. It gave me a reason to check my mailbox. Apart from the usual credit card offers, bills, magazines, those god-awful yellow envelopes from Lattimore 312 that either contained really good news (you made Dean’s List!) to really bad news (“your professor has informed us that you currently average a D in his class right now, get your shit together”), getting something out of the ordinary and from someone you know and miss was absolutely wonderful.

I haven’t really thought about it until now, but now that I think back on it, receiving a letter/postcard that a friend took the time to sit down, hand write, seal, and walk over to the mailbox/post office to send was an effort that not many people -myself included – took the time to do. I always felt (and still do!) excited whenever someone sent me written correspondence. Double that excitement if you get a package notification email from the post office (somebody loves me!) that you weren’t expecting.

Now, I’m absolutely ecstatic when someone takes the time to send me an email. Like, grinning ear to ear and reading it and just being like AHHH THIS IS THE GREATEST THING EVER! In the age of Facebook updates and tweets that mention you that everyone can read, when did this happen? When did email take the special place snail mail had in my heart? Also, what will my reaction be if I get a written letter/postcard from someone now? Will I run around and be crazy happy for a week?

The point of this entry…I’m not sure there really is a point. I guess I’m curious to see if anyone else has similar sentiments about this and if I’m the only weirdo that thinks this way.

Side note: I like phone calls just to see what’s up too. And Skyping/Facetime/Google+ Hangouts?  It follows this, where:

Getting an email < Getting a phone call < Getting Skyped/Facetime/Google+ < A letter/postcard < An unexpected package

How do you feel about this?

(Photo courtesy of Steelplanet)

One thought on “The excitement associated with receiving personal correspondence

  1. Occasionally I still do receive letters from friends in Malaysia but that’s before they started using Facebook. Yeah, I did feel the surprise and delight as well, but I guess emails, calls and other present forms of communication have replaced that.

    If receiving handwritten letters (delivered by pigeons? XD) really makes your day, I’ll mail you one when you’re in UK. =D Feel honoured okay, you would probably be the first person that I’m writing a letter to.

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